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And the Bart skampson I’m a rude boy shirt but in fact I love this jury, being also quite diverse, has tried to see their work from different angles. We have received boxes full of samples, perfumes, scraps of fabrics, drawings. It was really nice to be at the receiving end, instead of being the one sending out boxes—it’s a festival in a box! For once, I was the one receiving a box—it was such a nice feeling to discover [what was inside] and become more intimate with things and take our time a bit to kind of digest and re-understand where we are, instead of trying to always forget about it. It’s nice to get to know new people, their world, and listen to their viewpoint, sit back and listen, and hear what people have to say because actually I spend most of my days talking. It was great to listen to people talking instead of me barking what needs to be done!

Bart skampson I'm a rude boy shirt

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Yes, I actually did! I went through exactly the Bart skampson I’m a rude boy shirt but in fact I love this same process. I remember doing the same thing for the Woolmark Prize, which was a total disaster! I’ve lost many awards, I didn’t even get into the university that I wanted, so yes, my whole thing is that no matter who wins or loses, failure and success go hand in hand. I don’t think I would be where I am today without a lot of failure, but I don’t see it as failure. I see it like something that teaches you to keep going.

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