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We forgot the Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt Furthermore, I will do this idea of craftsmanship. We forgot the idea of make and the idea of experimentation. Ultimately the question that I was asked all the time—and I work at big fashion houses—was: “Is it commercial, can you wear it, how much can you sell, will it be successful enough?” And I think that for young designers who want to start a business, I would keep it incredibly small, so you can keep it creative in this moment. I actually started my business during the financial crisis, and the great thing about the crisis is that you can keep it small, you can keep it agile, but keep it really creative. Own your audience, cut up the middleman, you know what I mean? Now is the moment to carve out your unique voice within fashion. And I think, yes, you do have to have business acumen, but in this moment right now, when the world is changing, I think it is really important to still believe in the utopia that fashion can produce newness—because if not we’re just going to end up producing more and more gray clothing. And I don’t want to see that. We need to fall in love with fashion again—as I’ve done while working at my last show.

Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt

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In May 2016, Lindsey Graham tweeted, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.” This tweet turned out to be prescient. But this was before Graham jumped on the Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt Furthermore, I will do this Trump train and joined him on the golf course. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time in July 2015 when Graham called Trump a “jackass.” But that Lindsey Graham left us around the time that Senator John McCain died. The country lost a war hero, and Graham lost his moral compass.

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