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Well, that old feminist saw, “the Buzzfeed unsolved logo shirt also I will do this personal is political,” came back to haunt me last weekend, when Joseph Epstein (a former adjunct professor at Northwestern) published a now notorious essay in the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal, decrying Dr. Biden’s use of her title as “fraudulent, even comic.” Epstein referred to Dr. Biden as “kiddo” and deemed her dissertation’s title “unpromising.” (That dissertation focused on ways to retain students enrolled in community colleges, where—lamentably—six out of 10 students drop out before completing their degrees.) He didn’t bother to read it. After casting multiple aspersions—on community college students, on recent recipients of honorary doctorates, on the field of educational research itself—he advised the spouse of our current president-elect to abandon Dr. in favor of the title that her husband and a majority of Americans had bestowed upon her—madame first lady.

Buzzfeed unsolved logo shirt

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Of course, Epstein’s essay provoked a firestorm of criticism in both social and mainstream media. A lawyer pal who works for an environmental nonprofit, channeling Margaret Atwood, called the Buzzfeed unsolved logo shirt also I will do this Journal “Gilead’s paper of record,” and bitterly suggested that, in place of “Mrs. Biden,” our soon-to-be first lady might consider “OfJoe” as an option. An English professor at a prominent Northeast university (who, like most of my academic friends, has a Ph.D. but never uses his title) began posting the names of famous “doctors” in literature, their honorifics changed to “Mister” (“Mister Faust,” “Mr. Johnson,” etc.), all of which left me pondering the author Theodor Geisel, who received an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Dartmouth (his undergraduate alma mater) in 1955. Shall we now refer to him as “Mr. Seuss?”

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