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In the Occupy mars occupy mars in charcoal s shirt Furthermore, I will do this year 2020, it appears there were three clear categories of Instagram photos that ranked on our “Most-Liked” list: The triumph of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; the commemoration of lives lost and the celebration of new births; and all things Harry Styles. Yes, the Democrat’s presidential win (which Vogue celebrated by posting our very own portraits of Biden, shot by Annie Leibovitz in 2017, and Harris, shot by Zoë Ghertner in 2018) earned the place as our single most-liked post, but coming in at second, third, and fourth were all photos of Styles from his fashion-filled December cover story, shot by Tyler Mitchell and penned by Hamish Bowles. (Even off Instagram, the story was such a success, the issue went into a second printing.) The proof is in the pudding; the world just can’t get enough of Harry Styles.

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Also on the Occupy mars occupy mars in charcoal s shirt Furthermore, I will do this list were major moments from popular culture this year. Pictures commemorating the sudden losses of Kobe Bryant in January and Chadwick Boseman in August were flooded with heartfelt tributes. In January, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were both lauded by the Screen Actors Guild, receiving awards for The Morning Show and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, respectively. Afterward, the former couple—still on their award win-highs—was photographed congratulating one another. There was a holding of hands and, naturally, the internet and its imagination went wild. Then there was Jennifer Lopez and her Super Bowl performance in February. A photo of her perfectly undone waves received many, many likes. All this was back before the world was thrown off its axis, and we knew the extent to which the coronavirus pandemic would take hold.

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