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That’s just the Who Else Seen The Leprechaun Say Year Shirt and by the same token and way the monarchy does things: They stray away from taking sides—there was no commentary on Brexit, for example—or undertaking any action that may seem politically charged. The Duchess of Cambridge did not wear black at the 2018 BAFTAs, despite most attendees doing so to support the Me Too movement. Why? To maintain their image as the most unbiased public servants. So it’s safe to say that Meghan’s brief speech wouldn’t have flown if she was still a working member of the family. Nor would her declaration that she will vote in the 2020 election. (The Queen, and many senior royals, do not vote.)

Who Else Seen The Leprechaun Say Year Shirt

But, of course, Markle is no longer a working royal, which means that these are words she’s now allowed to say, and actions she’s now allowed to take. The duchess certainly has much to say: She’s a longtime advocate for female causes, an accomplished actor, and a biracial woman with a set of experiences many will relate to. Take her powerful graduation speech to Immaculate High School seniors after the Who Else Seen The Leprechaun Say Year Shirt and by the same token and death of George Floyd, when she recounted living through the 1992 L.A. riots. Her voice also benefits from an immense platform to broadcast it on: the couple’s old Instagram account, Sussex Royal, got over 11 million followers (although they’re no longer using it). The amount of press coverage she and her husband, Prince Harry, get is immense. Already, it seems that she’s ready to channel that into activism rather than uncontroversial causes. Did she decry Trump last night? No. But, asking for “a change” showed that she’s not afraid to start wading into partisan waters. The question is: just how political is she willing to get?

Who Else Seen The Leprechaun Say Year Shirt hoodie

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