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I’ve been doing this cat thing since I was four years old. I’ve seen a ton of cat litters, from plain clay to newspaper and green litter and everything in between. I have to say that clumping litter is the way to go. I now have six cats and I smell NOTHING of their waste in my house. I have one 33 inch tote as a litter box in one room and two high-sided regular sized boxes in another room. I scoop once per day, sometimes twice. The best litter, hands down, for us is Fresh Step multi-cat clumping litter. I probably sound like a commercial but I’m just a cat owner who appreciates a clean house. We never smell anything. My mum used to work at a vet office and I have tried all kinds of clumping litter and this stuff clumps into a rock and doesn’t crumble apart when I scoop it. I don’t have to change my litter, I just scoop out the clumps and add more new litter when it gets low. I DO change all of the litter every so often but I really wouldn’t have to.

Once Upon a time there was a girl who really loved Dogs and Otters it was me the end shirt

It’s worth mentioning that you have to have enough boxes of the right size and in the right places for the cats in your home. A 25 pound Maine Coon is not going to do great in a little generic cat box from the dollar store. Four cats will not do great with one box. Owners need to use some common sense when it comes to litter boxes. Also, a cat owner should be scooping at least once per day. There is no litter that will absorb days and days of odor, and honestly, leaving it that long is really gross for your cat. We wouldn’t go days without flushing, and our cats have to actually walk in their toilets so daily scooping is just the kind thing to do. Plus, letting pee sit for days contributes to the cat pee smell, because the ammonia builds up and stinks up the house. A lot of cat odors come from lazy cat owners just letting the box fill up. If an owner isn’t going to scoop, there is no litter that will cover all of that odor. But, if they aren’t going to scoop, they probably ought to not have a cat anyway.

Once Upon a time there was a girl who really loved Dogs and Otters it was me the end s unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

Most cats only purr when they are happy. But others have been known to purr when they are scared or in pain. Most likely your cat is very happy. But in the off chance that it is scared or fearful or in pain you may have to look for other signs to understand their emotional and physical state. Do they run away or lash out at you (fear)? Are they sensitive when you touch them anywhere (pain)? In either of these cases, pay more attention to the behavior than the purring. It’s far more common for a cat to only purr when it’s happy, so you are probably doing your job as a cat servant very well. Your cat is giving you some love nibbles. Cats do this with other cats too. Two cats will cuddle and suddenly one is biting the other. Of course, the bite did not hurt because of their thick fur. If the bite had hurt, he probably got bitten back or swatted. That’s how cats teach each other not to bite too hard. If your cat bites too hard, say ouch and move the cat away from you. Wait a little bit, maybe a minute or two. Then let the cat approach you, and you can cuddle again. You may have to do this for a while. Every time you do this, your cat is learning not to bite too hard. I hope your kitty is just giving you small cute love bites. Hug your cat.

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