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Lisa Bonet’s husband, Aquaman star Jason Momoa, recently revealed he’s had a lifelong crush on his wife. But—let’s be real—who hasn’t? Since Bonet, who turns 53 today, first entered living rooms everywhere as the free-spirited Denise Huxtable, whipping through a dizzying lineup of bohemian getups, she’s enchanted men and women alike with her salt-of-the-earth beauty.In the ’80s, Bonet played up her natural texture, framing her enviably-pronounced bone structure with coiled bangs and halo of voluminous ringlets. And instead of defaulting to the de facto vivid makeup of the time, she was a precursor of the no-makeup makeup look with a totally bare face and brows brushed up to feral effect. Easing into the ’90s, and her high profile relationship with rocker Lenny Kravitz, she wore waist-length dreads and embraced the decade’s moody milieu with nude lips and lids swathed in dark jewel tones, such as violet and burgundy. And from the early aughts through today, she’s complemented her proclivity for dark, romantic silhouettes with flicks of eyeliner and cheekbone-defining swirls of bronzer. But while Bonet loves to experiment with her look—a trait she’s passed down to her doppelgänger daughter Zoë Kravitz—her enduring beauty will always be anchored by her preternatural, age-defying glow and cascading lengths. Here, a look back at how her iconic insouciant beauty has evolved over the years.

Bocky 45th anniversary 1976 2021 thank you for the memories shirt

Standout hair gave us some much-needed inspiration this past week on Instagram. Yara Shahidi’s structural updo made an appearance with stylist Jason Bolden in the background. He reminded followers to “take a minute and enjoy the moments.” Mette Towley showed off her major hair growth, while picking out her gorgeous fro. “She defies gravity,” Towley added in her caption. Speaking of glorious ‘fros, model Karen Williams graced us with her silver locks and a major peachy glow.Speaking of glowing, radiant skin pierced through screens as well. A fresh-faced SZA flashed a smile with her piecey bangs and funky nails. Meanwhile, Jhené Aiko showed off a major winged eyeliner moment featuring braids tied into an updo. Then, proving she’s ready for fall, model Aweng Chuol shared her silky tresses, a chestnut-hued pout, and bronzed skin.On another note, self-care came in different forms, too. Designer Monti Landers reminded us that face mask Sundays are even more fun when they become a family affair. Willow Smith showed off a new yoga pose as part of her ever-evolving incredible journey. As for Ebonee Davis? she started off her week with a powerful poem: “Know that this journey will call for every bit of confidence you can muster up– so have heart,” she wrote. “Disregard the opinions of those who try to humble you. It is simply their way of making themselves feel less small in your presence.”

Bocky 45th anniversary 1976 2021 thank you for the memories Unisex Hoodie

“I like to be a free spirit,” Princess Diana once said. “Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.” More than two decades since her untimely death, the public’s long-standing fascination with her—as a royal, a humanitarian, a style icon, and an unapologetic rebel—has yet to wane. The new season of The Crown, out today, is only sparking more intrigue around the ways in which she bucked royal tradition with a self-assured attitude and distinct codes of self-expression.As a kid of the ’90s, I, like many, have always been taken with Princess Diana’s beauty, grace, and glamour. But of all her signatures, the one that has always stuck out to me was her ’80s-era proclivity for swipes of electric blue eyeliner; most strikingly worn with one of her sparkling diamond tiaras. Oh, the contrast! Yes, I know it was the ’80s and that it was the banner decade for colorful makeup, but for a woman of her stature, to me it always seemed kind of punk, a means of subtly railing against the royal system. Plus, her pared-back approach to a decidedly bold color statement brought a real-world sensibility to the look. “In the ’80s, blue eyeliner was about pulling out or brightening up naturally blue eyes,” explains makeup artist and Tatcha’s first-ever global director of artistry Daniel Martin, who famously gave Meghan Markle her natural wedding-day glow. “She kept it close to the lash line, enhancing the iris by creating this monochromatic tonal effect on the eye. She never took it up to her eyelid, which would create an entirely different effect altogether. I think her wearing it in that way made it wearable for so many.”While I, for one, love an aqua eye and think of Princess Diana every time I smudge a cyan pencil across my waterlines for a quick dose of color, I know it can be a polarizing choice—and surely was for Princess Diana as the more-is-more ’80s gave way to the minimalism of the ’90s. So I wasn’t surprised to learn that upon meeting Princess Diana on her Vogue photo shoot in 1991, makeup artist Mary Greenwell, who worked with her throughout the ’90s, convinced her to add more neutral eyeliner shades to her repertoire. “In the ’80s, a lot of people were wearing blue eyeliner, and she was so young! She could get away with doing whatever she wanted,” says Greenwell. “She was experimental and absolutely loved makeup, but when she went out on the red carpet, we just tried to make her as glamorous and gorgeous as possible for the time.”That being said, blue eyeliner certainly has its place, especially in the free-for-all that is the year 2020, where self-expression reigns supreme. “Right now, it’s about whatever you want to do, and making it look the best for you,” says Greenwell. “That’s what Diana always did.” Her tips for pulling off bold ticks of eyeliner, no matter how bright or understated the shade, is to keep the rest of the face fresh and vibrant: Clean skin enhanced with sheer foundation and feather-light swirls of blush and bronzer “to bring out the flush” in the face. “It’s about beautiful simplicity!” she says. That means different things to different people, but as The Crown mania sets in, a pull of Princess Di blue eyeliner is definitely in the cards for this editor.

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